Every client has unique security problems to solve and goals to achieve.


We believe innovation and creativity can solve your toughest challenges to ensure success.

Aecon is a unique security consulting firm. Our small but diverse team is experienced in many workplace sectors including; state and federal government, public interest/not-for-profit, corporate/private business, and academia. Our diverse backgrounds provide our clients with an unparalleled multi-disciplinary and technologically driven approach to problem solving.

We provide the intelligence, strategies, and resources for our clients to succeed, whether it’s threat assessments, security surveys, security operations, or partnering with local or federal law enforcement.




Security Management

We act as your virtual Chief Security Officer to manage your security programs.  We have a wide array of experiences in every industry: from movie studios to hotels, agriculture to warehouse, and personal protection for celebrities.  We provide solutions based on a thorough understanding of your business processes, goals, and objectives.  

Security Assessments

We survey your business to identify risks, and provide solutions to secure your business.  

Strategy and Intelligence 

We work with your existing security team to provide long term planning to protect your business.

Active Assault Training

We train your staff how to prevent, prepare and respond to an active assault.  We start with prevention and teach you how to survive a violent workplace incident.  Class is customized to align to your existing procedures and suitable for any audience.  

Leadership Coaching 

We work with teams and individuals to maximize effectiveness and reach new heights in their careers.



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